Hi I'm lalam! |she/her| I do the art | find me on twitter/IG:@lalamlou

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I have an artist discord

slimeyboo -

if any of ya'll are interested in meeting some more artist pals outside of waterfall, and havin art folks to chit chat with, hit me up for the discord link!

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holo -

A Character design based off the waterfall.social icon.

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The most rebellious octopus on this side of the universe

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Speaking of OCs, heres the full drawing of my avatar.

His name is Vinny Liang and hes a chaotic good boy

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oh god have i posted this yet

have a glittery glamour bard boi

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First post on this site :)

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a little demon girl I sketched today!!

What's up everyone I'm new and I have no idea what I'm doing